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Dryness of the eye

Sandy or gritty feeling

Lid infections

Burning, itching

Contact lens

Light sensitivity

Redness, sties

Tired Eyes

Eye pain or soreness

Constant or occasional tearing

Fluctuation of visio


Dry Eye Treatment

"No other doctor in our experiences has improved either of our visions so dramatically."

"You were willing to investigate my complaints about my vision and as a result I was able to return to 20/20 vision with lens. This was very important to me as a pilot. You took my case more seriously and spent more time with me than I have ever experienced with any other eye doctor."

"...after several days of treatment, I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only my vision improved but also the pain I had previously experienced had disappeared....my treatment from you and the other members of your office was handled with expertise and professionalism."
– Linda

"The itching and burning disappeared, the need for artificial tears ended, my vision cleared and I did not need a stronger eyeglass prescription!"
– Cynthia

"...my vision is much better now than it was a year ago."
– Shirley

"Prior to this my eyes always seemed itchy and tired, not anymore!"
– Paula

"I could not believe the difference in the way my eyes felt."
– Sharon

"...my eye infections have completely stopped."
– Katherine

Contact Lenses

"Dr. Azman seems to be the real eye care 'specialist' because he knows the latest in contact lens technology. On my first visit alone, I learned more about contacts than I had the four years before meeting Dr. Azman."

"I have found freedom. I am now able to wear contacts and my new found freedoms are to name just a few – freedom to be in the family pool and allowing the boys to splash all they want, freedom to sit in front of the computer and not get headaches from eye strain, and so much more."

"The Azman Eye Care Center was one of the best things that ever happened to my eyes."

"I am amazed at the difference in both my eyesight and my attitude."

"The best thing that has ever happened to me was the referral to your office."

"I could not believe the difference in the way my eyes felt...I will return to Dr. Azman for all my future eye exams and also recommend him to friends and family members."

"The patience and kindness you have shown us makes us feel like valued human beings...No other doctor in our experiences has improved either of our visions so dramatically. You are the answer to our prayers."

"I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of excellent eye care, service, and compassion. We are extremely fortunate to have the Azmans in Baltimore area!"

"...I left each visit with the feeling that I was important and that improving my condition was the ultimate aim."

"...I was treated so much better than I was ever treated at an eye care center before."

"...it was amazing. My eyes didn't feel scratchy or irritated. It was just a soothing, refreshing feeling. I would recommend this procedure to anyone I know."

"Because of you, I feel confident again about my appearance when I go to a business meeting. I appreciate your encouragement, your promptness to call when I have questions – but most of all, the expertise that put me back in my lenses again!"

"...the level of caring that is shown to patients from the front desk to the doctor himself, is above any I have experienced elsewhere."

Laser Vision Correction

"I never knew what life was without contacts or glasses. But, never in my life did I think that my eyes would keep me from pursuing my life long dream of becoming a police officer."
– Denice Carter

"If I were ever granted three wishes, PRK would definitely be one of them. PRK is just an unbelievable procedure, and is absolutely one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Throughout my entire life, I'd never had good eyesight-- but my trip to Toronto changed all that."
– Jamie Shaw

"I'm thrilled with the results of my PRK. It's like contact lens vision without contacts. Getting out of sand traps is easier without worrying about sand in my contacts. It's too bad this wasn't available in junior high school-- it would have saved me a lot of pain, embarrassment, and teasing."
– Steven Katz

"PRK is liberating to me. I was very dependent on my glasses, which I even wore around my neck for fear of breaking or losing them (which I did often). Now I seldom wear glasses except to drive at night on occasion, and my astigmatism is nonexistent... Because the procedure is so fast and painless, by the time I started to get nervous, it was over... It is a shame the FDA's approval process is so long that a procedure like this, which can help so many people-- and already has-- is virtually a secret."
– Robert Lomonico

"It feels so good to be able to see without my glasses. This was a dream come true. My prescription before surgery was about -7 and now it's about -1. Except for driving, I don't wear glasses anymore. Another great thing about the procedure is that you can have it touched up the second time without any charge. I recommend this procedure for those who find wearing glasses as uncomfortable as I did."
– Rabbi Moshe Schor

"PRK is the best gift I could have ever given myself. Being over 40 and needing bifocals, PRK took care of my bifocal needs. Now I can see clearly at all distances, including nearer distances (even computers) without any glasses."
– Dr. Irwin Azman

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