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Dryness of the eye

Sandy or gritty feeling

Lid infections

Burning, itching

Contact lens

Light sensitivity

Redness, sties

Tired Eyes

Eye pain or soreness

Constant or occasional tearing

Fluctuation of visio

Diagnosis and Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome can damage your vision, effect your ability to see clearly and wear contact lenses.

There is no known cure for Dry Eye Syndrome although you can relieve the symptoms and reduce your chances of complications. Our doctors can perform a simple, in-office diagnostic test to evaluate the quality and quantity of your tears. General health, medications and environmental factors will be a consideration in diagnosing the dry eye.

Treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome
Depending on the cause, Dry Eye Syndrome can be treated as a temporary problem or a lifelong disease requiring long-term treatment. Either way, tears must be conserved and/or replaced in order to provide relief. The doctor will discuss the best treatment with you, after testing and diagnosis.

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