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Dry Eye Relief

When your eyes lack moisture, you may suspect allergies or grit. You may have tried eye drops, but even they don’t cut it. We can help you experience comfortable and symptom-free eyes all day long.

End Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eyes can itch and become irritated for uncomfortable amounts of time. They can make it challenging to drive at night and may turn everything blurry. We can end your dry eye symptoms for good.

Mitigate Risk Factors

Dry eyes can lead to a host of other problems, like corneal scarring, eye tissue damage, and the inability to wear contact lenses. We can keep your eyes and vision safe at all times.

You Are Not Alone

Millions of adults experience dry eye discomfort and inconvenience at some point in their lives. Our patients know they can turn to us when dry eyes make life miserable and you want the irritation to end.

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Are you experiencing red, inflamed, and itchy eyes? Is your vision blurry, or do you feel foreign objects that even eye drops cannot alleviate? Get an accurate diagnosis and the eye care you deserve in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington D.C. by calling the Dry Eye Center of Maryland for a free consultation.

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Are dry eyes making you miserable? Are your eyes constantly itchy and painful? With a dry eye diagnosis and proven treatments, your eyes will feel comfortable and become symptom-free for the long-term. Call now to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Azman.

Why is Dry Eye Treatment Necessary?

You should always seek help with dry eyes. The condition, while common, can lead to a host of severe eye problems, including blindness. For many, dry eyes acts as a constant annoyance. For others, their entire quality of life becomes affected by their persistent dry, painful, and inflamed eyes. Some experience pain while others may experience an inability to drive or read without irritation and discomfort. Get the relief of dry eyes that you deserve by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Azman at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland. We are always ready to help you find the dry eye comfort and relief you deserve.

Who is at Risk for Dry Eyes?

Dr. Azman recommends dry eye diagnosis and treatment for any sufferers of the condition who want their symptoms to end. Those at particular risk of dry eyes include older adults, such as those aged 50 or older.

Dry eyes are also more common in women, especially those who have undergone hormonal changes due to pregnancy, menopause, or the use of birth control pills.

Contact lens wearers and those experiencing dry eyes following LASIK surgery are also predisposed to dry eye symptoms.

Finally, a poor diet can contribute to the condition. If your diet is low in vitamin A and Omega-3 fatty acids, you may be susceptible to dry eyes. Dr. Azman recommends that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Can Dry Eyes Lead to More Serious Conditions?

Yes! If you allow dry eyes to worsen without proper treatment, you can develop serious eye issues that can eventually lead to blindness.

Eye Infections

In addition to washing away impurities and grit, your tears protect the surface of your eyes from infection. Without adequate tear production, you may be at an increased risk of eye infection.

Eye Infections

Eye Damage

If left untreated, dry eyes can lead to severe inflammation, and eventually an abrasion of the corneal surface. Other eye-debilitating conditions include corneal ulcer and vision problems.

bloodshot eyes

Diminished Quality of Life

Dry eyes can hinder many aspects of your life, and some activities may become more difficult, like driving and reading.

difficulty in reading because of eye problems

Dry eyes may seem like no big deal when it happens occasionally. However, even a single instance of dry eyes can put you at an increased risk. Mitigate the risks caused by dry eyes and find the relief you need by calling the Dry Eye Center of Maryland for a free consultation with experienced eye care specialist, Dr. Azman.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Your eyes become dry because your tears are no longer providing the necessary lubrication. Tears are not only meant for crying. Tears also offer constant moisture to your eyes throughout the day. With every blink of your eyes, tears wash away foreign matter on the ocular surface while keeping the eyes smooth and your vision clear. Your tears then flow into ducts in the inner corners of the eyelids, where the excess moisture and foreign matter are drained into the back of the nose. When tear production and drainage are not in balance, dry eyes can occur. For some, the tears become diminished in quality while others have reduced tear substance. Dry eyes can happen occasionally, or the condition can become chronic, particularly for older adults.

Inadequate Tear Substance

Tears are produced by tiny glands located in and around your eyelids. Tear production can diminish with age or as a result of a medication condition. An inadequate amount of tears can also be caused by medication. For some, environmental conditions may be leading to an increase in tear evaporation, such as dry climates and heavy winds.

Poor Tear Quality

Tears are comprised of oil, water, and mucus. Each of these three layers work together to protect and nourish the eye surface. The smooth oil layer prevents the water layer from evaporating. The mucus spreads the tears evenly over the ocular surface. If one of these layers is out of balance, your tears may evaporate too quickly or may not spread as evenly across the eye, which can lead to a myriad of dry eye symptoms.

What are the Symptoms of Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can affect both eyes, and the symptoms affect people in different ways.


Dry eyes can lead to stringy mucus that forms in and around your eyes.


With dry eyes, your eyes can sting, burn, and become itchy, which is not only uncomfortable but also annoying.


Dry eyes can cause your eyes to become inflamed to the point they turn red and veiny, which even eye drops cannot alleviate in most cases.


Your eyes can become light-sensitive, and you may have difficulty driving at night. For others, you may have blurred vision or eye fatigue.


Believe it or not, dry eyes can become watery. This is your body’s natural response to dry eye irritation.

Dry eyes are a common condition, but the problem can become chronic. You should schedule an appointment with Dr. Azman at Dry Eye Center of Maryland if you have dry, red, irritated, or painful eyes. With an accurate diagnosis and advanced dry eye treatment, Dr. Azman can end your symptoms for good. Call now to schedule a free consultation.

Premium Dry Eye Services

What Can You Expect During a Dry Eye Diagnosis?

Dry eyes require a proper diagnosis from a trained medical professional. At the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, Dr. Azman offers accurate and comprehensive dry eye examinations. With adequate testing, Dr. Azman can evaluate the quantity and quality of the tears your eyes produce.
Dr. Azman will assess your dry eye symptoms while noting your general health, any medications you may be taking, and environmental factors that could be contributing to your dry eye problem.
Your eyes will be thoroughly examined, including your eyelid structure and blink dynamics. Bright light and magnification will be used to examine your lids and cornea.
Finally, your tear quality and quantity will be assessed to identify the presence of one or more abnormalities. A special dye may be added to your eyes to observe tear flow and potentially identify injuries to the ocular surface caused by inadequate tear lubrication.


How to Treat and Manage Your Dry Eyes

A diagnosis can help Dr. Azman identify the proper means for dry eye treatment. Whether your eyes are caused by diminished tear product or quality, Dr. Azman offers effective dry eye treatment for maximum comfort and relief.
Dr. Azman has access to treatment options that can conserve tears when excess evaporation is an issue, or increase tear production when your eyes fail to create enough, just to give two examples. In cases where inflammation is present, Dr. Azman will provide the necessary treatment to your eyelids and ocular surface.
You can help to manage your dry eyes with proper self-care. As part of the service offered at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, Dr. Azman will offer a variety of suggestions for keeping your eyes adequately lubricated. These tips include increasing the humidity in your home or office, remember to blink regularly, and the suggestion to wear sunglasses outdoors. Wearing shades with wraparound frames are best for keeping eye-drying winds and sun at bay. Taking nutritional supplements like Omega-3 fatty acids and drinking plenty of water can also help to prevent many dry eye symptoms.

Does LASIK Eye Surgery Cause Dry Eyes?

LASIK surgery can correct your vision, but nearly half of all patients who undergo LASIK will experience dry eyes to some degree. For some, the dry eye symptoms can persist for weeks or longer. Since the surgery involves the cutting of nerves in the cornea, some eye sensation can be reduced. As the cornea heals, your eyes may not sufficiently sense the need for moisture. Dry eyes can result. For some patients, the tear film may be inadequately distributed across the eye surface, which can also lead to dry eyes.
Dr. Azman is experienced with today’s advanced dry eye treatments. With his help, you can manage your dry eyes following LASIK surgery for clear vision and dry eye relief.


How Can Contact Lens Wearers Find Dry Eye Relief?

Dry eyes are a common complaint among contact lens wearers. For some, wearing contacts becomes unbearable because of dryness, itchiness, and inflammation. Unfortunately, you become predisposed to dry eyes when you wear contact lenses because the thin vision-correcting material prevents your eyes from receiving adequate amounts of oxygen. This can lead to dry and gritty eyes, particularly later in the day. This condition is known as contact-lens-induced dry eye or CLIDE.
While eye drops can help with CLIDE to some degree, a proper diagnosis and dry eye treatment may be in order. You can wear contacts without dry eye discomfort and pain. Contact the Dry Eye Center of Maryland to discuss your symptoms and schedule a free consultation.

Who is Dr. Azman?

Dr. Azman is an experienced dry eye care doctor who has remained a prominent medical professional in the eye care industry. Dr. Azman has worked in private practice and hospital-based settings, including Perry Point VA Hospital in the Perryville area. Patients of our Timonium eye care center know they can turn to Dr. Azman for accurate eye care assessments and advanced treatments for a wide variety of eye care problems and symptoms.
Call the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, where Dr. Azman can alleviate your symptoms and help you say goodbye to dry eyes, and the severe problems they can cause, for good.

Dr. Benjamin E. Azman, Optometrist, Dry Eye Specialists


The Dry Eye Center of Maryland has helped thousands of patients find dry eye care relief. If you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Washington, D.C., you can experience better vision and comfort while putting dry eyes behind you for good. We invite you to schedule a free consultation. Call now to learn more.

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