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When your eyes lack moisture, you may think that allergies or grit are to blame. If eye drops just won’t cut it, we can help. Call today to schedule an appointment.

End Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eyes can begin to itch and become irritated for a downright uncomfortable time. We can also help with blurriness, excessive tearing-up or the feeling of foreign objects in your eye.

Mitigate Risk Factors

UIf left untreated, dry eye can lead to other problems like scarring of the cornea, damaged eye tissue, and the inability to wear contact lenses.

You Are Not Alone

Less than half of all adults experience dry eye symptoms at some point in their lives. Some medications, prolonged computer use, and advanced age can also cause dry eyes to develop.

All You Must Know About Dry Eyes! By Dr. Irwin Azman!

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  • We’ve helped thousands of patients find dry eye relief
  • Our proven treatments can clear your vision and STOP the pain
  • We can eliminate dry eyes following LASIK eye surgery
  • Finally, wear contact lenses again!
  • Eliminate dry eye symptoms and boost your quality of life!

Are you experiencing blurred vision, eye inflammation, or red and itchy eyes? Get a cutting-edge dry eye diagnosis in MD, VA, PA & Washington D.C.

Dr. Benjamin E. Azman, O.D. at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland

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Premium Dry Eye Services

Trouble Wearing Contact Lenses?

Does dry eye keep you from wearing contact lenses? Have you been told previously that you’ll never wear contacts again on account of your dry eyes? As the area’s leading dry eye contact lens specialists, we can help you manage your dry eyes while prescribing a specialized contact lens design that offers all-day comfort along with improved vision.


Dry Eyes Following Lasik Eye Surgery?

Dry eyes can be experienced following LASIK, RK or PRK treatment, but we can help. Dr. Azman specializes in the treatment and management of dry eyes following these common procedures. Let Dr. Azman put his vast knowledge to work for you. He can create a customized treatment program that is tailored to your individual dry eye experience. You are sure to find his clinical expertise and specialized knowledge the most effective treatment for post-LASIK dry eye care in the greater Maryland area.

Get a Dry Eye Diagnosis

Our first goal is to determine if your symptoms are indeed related to dry eye. For that, we employ the EYEBIOMETRICS® EVALUATION, which will tell us the type of dry eye, identify tear film abnormalities, and will help us evaluate potential treatment strategies for dry eye relief. Along with clinical observation and an accurate diagnosis, we can eliminate or minimize dry eyes and the deleterious effects of ocular surface disease for improved quality of life.


We Can Treat & Manage Your Dry Eyes

Once diagnosed, we will develop a dry eye treatment plan that is tailored only for you. This treatment strategy will offer a multi-faceted approach to give you relief from itching and vision issues normally associated with dry eyes. Your vision will return, and your dry eyes will become a thing of the past. Find out why thousands of patients throughout Maryland, Washington D.C. Pennsylvania, and Virginia have chosen the Dry Eye Center for their dry eye care needs.

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