IPL Dry Eye Treatment: Intense Pulsed Light

The Dermamed Quadra Q4 with DES (Dry Eye Syndrome) is a medical-grade Intense Pulsed Light technology specifically designed by innovator Dr. Rolando Toyos, MD, medical director and founder of the Toyos Clinic in Memphis, TN.

After many years of research supported by a grant from the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Dr. Toyos refined this new approach for dry eye treatment, related to meibomian gland dysfunction, and the results have been exceptional. A rapid, powerful burst of light at specific wavelengths cause changes in blood vessels adjacent to the surface of the skin, increase the skin temperature and eliminates problematic flora on the skin and eyes, all of which have beneficial effects on meibomian gland dysfunction.

Prior to the Dermamed Quadra Q4 with DES IPL device, the existing technologies, and IPL devices were inconsistent, and the bulb’s intensity would diminish over time. Dr. Toyos worked to solve these problems. “Now, we have an instrument that’s safe, with reproducible results,” he says. (Dr. Toyos emphasizes that doctors should not attempt this using just any IPL equipment.)

The first effect of the IPL dry eye treatment is the immediate heat, which acts like the “the best hot compress.” The light is absorbed in to the skin generating heat that melts down the thick secretions obstructing the gland opening. After the IPL treatment, the glands are expressed removing the festered secretions. Giving most patients relief right away.

Research has also uncovered several other relevant effects of IPL dry eye treatment. Closing off the blood vessels near the surface of the skin decreases inflammatory cytokines that contribute to meibomian gland dysfunction. Evidence also suggests that IPL decreases and kills parasites on the eyelash margin (Demadex) that can cause meibomian gland problems.

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IPL Dry Eye Treatment Procedure

Many patients with evaporative dry eye have associated rosacea and blepharitis. Patients diagnosed with evaporative dry eye syndrome, related to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and or blepharitis are primary candidates for the IPL procedure, if all other standard dry eye treatments have been exhausted.

IPL is a painless dry eye procedure focused on telangiectasia and meibomian gland dysfunction/ blepharitis. First, eye shields are applied to cover and protect the eyes from the IPL light. Next, a thin layer of cooling gel is applied to the treatment area around the eyes. A small handheld device is used to administer the pulses of light to the eyelids and surrounding area.

Studies have shown that IPL Treatment for Dry Eyes significantly improves the function of the meibomian glands that help lubricate the eye. Hundreds of patients have reported that their eyes felt better and their vision had improved after IPL therapy.

While wearing protective eye pads over your eyes and gel on the treatment area, your doctor will treat you with the IPL device. The IPL device is moved from one side of your face to the other in stages, from the edge of your ear to the bridge of your nose, just under each eye.
The device flashes an intense pulse of light with each application. After your IPL treatment, your doctor will express your Meibomian glands to clear any blockages.


You may be among the millions of people that continue to suffer from Dry Eye Disease. Contact The Dry Eye Center of Maryland, a Toyos Center of Excellence, and ask about this non-invasive procedure with proven results!

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