Dry Eye Care Services for Contact Lenses, Pain Relief & More

Dr. Azman at the Dry Eye Care Center of Maryland can help you find much-needed relief from dry eye symptoms. Are you experiencing pain? Are your eyes inflamed and itchy? Do you suspect an eye infection? For clearer vision, more comfort, and dry eye treatment that will make you sigh with relief, schedule a consultation today.

Maryland Dry Eye Contact Lens Specialists

Many of our patients have been told that they can never wear contact lenses because of their dry eye issues. We ask those patients to visit us, where Dr. Azman has helped hundreds of patients find sight again using amazing contact lens technology.

Using a combination of cutting-edge tools and vast experience working with dry eyes and related ocular diseases, Dr. Azman can help you manage your dry eyes while prescribing special “dry eye contact lenses” that deliver more comfort.

These contacts will not only be a joy to wear, but your dry eye problems will become a thing of the past. Stop struggling with contacts and visit Dr. Azman and staff at the Dry Eye Center of Maryland, where we can help you correct your vision with correctable lenses despite your dry eyes.

Dry Eyes After LASIK? We Can Help

Eye surgery and dry eyes can go hand-in-hand immediately following surgery. The eye twitching, pain and itchiness are not symptoms that you have to endure. Instead, visit the Eye Care Center of Maryland, and we can diagnose and treat your dry eyes for perfect vision and comfort.

Dr. Azman wants you to enjoy the fruits of your new surgery. Whether you opted for LASIK, PK or PRK, we can help. Schedule a consultation and tell us about your dry eye symptoms so we can help you find soothing relief.

Get Dry Eye Diagnosed

To successfully treat your symptoms, we need to determine if you do suffer from dry eyes. For this purpose, we employ an EYEBIOMETRICS® EVALUATION. This cutting-edge test will tell us all sorts of things about the state of your vision and eyes.

For instance, we can determine what type of dry eye you suffer from. If there are tear abnormalities, we can identify each one. This evaluation also helps Dr. Azman formulate a customized treatment strategy made just for you.

In some cases, dry eyes will be accompanied by various ocular surface diseases, which can be identified during your evaluation. As with most diseases, early detection is key. Schedule a consultation and get the relief you crave, and quality of life boost you want.

Your Local Source for the Treatment & Management of Dry Eyes

We are located in Timonium, Maryland, but we proudly serve the areas of Maryland, Washington D. C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If you have dry eye symptoms like pain, itchiness, and blurred vision, schedule today and let Dr. Azman provide you with a diagnosis and treatment protocol for chronic dry eyes.

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